As a new tester, starting out in the Mobile testing space, I found it really hard to find information about mobile news, updates and the latest developments in mobile. This was driving me crazy and had to consult with many people and do hours of searching for the right information (It was interesting but tiring) In order to prevent this from happening to anyone else, I have been making a list of sites I have been referring to, for the above information So, now any tester who wants to know the latest and greatest in mobile testing can find the majority of the information within the below links Mobile Books Highly recommend this book to get started with Mobile Testing by Jonathan Kohl – Mobile testing articles and news

Mobile Testing Tools


Appium and Cucumber

Mobile Marketing/Usage Statistics

Mobile Blogs Definitely check out the blogs of my colleagues/friends.They have really good information on mobile testing and in fact I found some of the links based on their suggestions and information they gave me or mentioned on their website.

Responsive Web Design useful information

Also check out my blog post on testing Responsive Websites —

I hope this is helpful to curious and new testers like me :-). I will keep updating this post as and when I come across new resources. Hit me up in case of any questions.