Workshop NameDe-Mystifying Mobile Application Testing

Why I came up with this workshop?

As mobile devices, tools, operating systems, and web technologies rapidly evolve, testers must quickly adapt their thinking in this changing domain. Testers often struggle to find important vulnerabilities and bugs in mobile applications due to lack of guidance, experience, and the right resources. I was one such tester. During my career in the mobile testing field, I’ve come across numerous bugs related to mobile applications. Looking at these bugs, I started categorizing them, and started finding patterns in them in terms of how different types of testing approaches helped me to find different type of defects. I also started realizing that, anyone could start doing mobile testing if they understand some basic concepts involved in it. Mobile Testing is NOT complicated.

Also, I have often heard testers say mobile testing entails a totally different thought process from other types of testing, and they believe they have to take extra courses and get certifications to be proficient in it. There are even testers who think they are not qualified to do mobile testing, although they have been testing other applications for more than a decade and have gained a lot of experience during those years. This workshop will help to re-assure testers that, the concepts, approaches and strategies testers use when testing other applications can be applied to mobile as well.

Thus, I formed this mobile testing workshop.

Format of the workshop: 1/2 day or Full day workshop

Goal of the workshop

I have catered this workshop based on my mobile testing experience. Anyone who attends my workshop can get started doing mobile testing or if you are already doing mobile testing, you will learn new testing approaches, tools and different trends in mobile testing that will help you do your job better. This session will give attendees hands on experience by using these mobile testing approaches in real applications to get quick feedback.

Topics Covered

The workshop will cover all the basic topics you would need to know to do mobile testing. The outline of the workshop is as follows-

  • Basics of the mobile eco system
  • How to set up a mobile testing process quickly?
  • Different testing approaches to get quick feedback on the mobile application
  • Mobile test automation and tools
  • Mobile security basics
  • Localization testing
  • Accessibility testing and tools
  • How to make apps smarter?
  • Cool things happening in mobile testing
  • Session based exploratory testing in mobile
  • Mobile testing is not that different after all

The workshop will have multiple hands on exercises, live demos and screenshots for the attendees to better relate to the above topics

Takeaways from the workshop

Attendees who attend my workshop will be able to immediately use all the testing knowledge gained through the workshop in their daily testing activities.
Pre-requisites for the workshop

  • Need to have one mobile device (iOS/Android)
  • Need to have iOS/Android charging USB cable to connect to the laptop
  • Need to install Xcode if using mac
  • Need to install Android Studio, IntelliJ or Eclipse for non-macs
  • Install SDK Platform Tools from this link –


NOTE: If you face any problem while doing any of the above pre-requisites, do not worry. We will fix it during the workshop

How am I qualified to do this workshop?

This is a valid question. By no means I am “The mobile testing expert”; as I believe there is always something new to learn in mobile on a daily basis because it is rapidly evolving. That being said, I do have years of experience doing mobile testing (both manual and automated). I have also written and spoken on this topic for several years now. To learn about my experience in this field please visit my website here –

You can also personally e-mail me at or talk with me on skype to see if this workshop would be the right fit for you, before you and your team register. You can also contact me at –

So, If you are looking to get into mobile testing or learn all the things you would need to be better at it, this is your chance.

NOTE: The above workshop can be tweaked based on the conference or company needs.