I have been learning, meeting new people and doing a lot of things that has been shaping up my career. I wanted to document all these things here and wanted to share it with you guys too.

  • Joined as Developer Evangelist at Testim.io

After hosting and facilitating the AI Meetup below, I got really interested in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. I started meeting and talking to a lot of people who work with AI and through my networks found Testim.io.

This company built a platform that uses machine learning for the authoring, execution and maintenance of automated tests. The focus is on End-to-End Testing, Front End Testing and UI Testing. They are not a codeless tool, you can still do complex programming using JavaScript and HTML to extend the functionalities of your automated tests. They run about 300,000 tests/month and have various clients like NetApp, Swisscom, Verizon, Wix and much more.

I was really intrigued by this and started talking to Oren and Shani, the Founder and CEO of the company respectively. After a long conversation for over a month I decided to join the company as a Developer Evangelist for the company. As part of my job, I will have to

  • Create content and share the knowledge with the community
  • Building a community around AI and Testing
  • Help the community by being active on different forums
  • Hosting, Facilitating and Taking part in Webinars
  • Speaking at Conferences and Training Testers
  • Training clients to help them use the tool
  • Find opportunities to improve our tool

This is everything I love doing and super excited for this new opportunity. If you haven’t heard about them I would definitely recommend checking out Testim.io to help to meet your automation needs.

  • Organized and Facilitated the first AI Meetup in Chicago

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are advancing at a rapid pace. Companies like Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon, Facebook and others have started investing more into AI to solve different technological problems in the areas of healthcare, autonomous cars, search engines, predictive modeling and much more. Applying AI is real. It’s coming fast. It’s going to affect every business, no matter how big or small. As exciting as that is, it’s also bringing a host of new questions with it that need to be answered. To cover all these topics related to AI, I organized and facilitated a AI Meetup event in Chicago. You can find the details here – AI Event.

I was able to get 4 great minds in AI – Jason Arbon, Tariq Kind, Mike Villiger and Patrick Boueri, in a panel discussion answering questions and sharing their thoughts on how they are using AI to solve technological problems. About 90 people registered and 70 people showed up for the event. It was a huge success. I am planning to more of these events in 2018.

  • Europe Tour 2017

Went on a long and fun europe tour covering Estonia, Helsinki and Stocklholm. I gave 2 workshops at Nordic Testing Days 2017 and ADDQ Consulting. Also did a keynote at ADDQ. It was a wonderful experience interacting with testers from Europe and having a mutually beneficial learning and cultural exchange. Also, met with the Stockholm Exploratory Testing group who were a super talented group of testers working together to learn and spread the love of testing. I got a chance to present to this group and there were great discussions and beer. I am thankful to the folks for giving me this opportunity and would go to these 2 place again in a heartbeat. Helsinki was for just fun and exploration 🙂




  • New Mobile Testing Workshop and Keynote in 2017

2017 has been exciting and busy as well. I am working on a brand new mobile testing workshop (Full day and a Half day) filled with exercises and various mobile testing topics. The goal of the workshop is to give all the information needed for getting testers started doing mobile testing or if you are are already doing mobile testing, you will learn various testing approaches, tools and different trends in mobile testing that will help to do your job better. I am also working on giving my first Keynote in Sweden at ADDQ Consulting.

So, all the above things has been keeping me busy in the evenings after my regular job and the weekends where I am trying to fit in lot of activities apart from this like reading, writing, blogging and other fun social activities. I am really fortunate to be doing all the above things and hope to work on more interesting stuff this year.

  • QBiz 2016 Conference

This was my first international conference and my first trip to Stockholm, Sweden. This was a 1 day conference and began with a keynote from James Bach. I was thrilled to do a mini mobile testing workshop with testers in Sweden. My workshop was rated the best session in the conference and a lot of people contacted me regarding the same and tweeted about it. This was really encouraging and makes me want to contribute more to the testing society. The love and care they showed me in Stockholm was amazing and I look forward to working with Qbiz in the upcoming years.

  • STP and Mobile Dev+Test Conferences 2016

April was a busy month for me. I spoke at 2 conferences, the Software Test Professionals Conference (STP) and the Mobile Dev+Test Conference. I had a great time in both the conferences. One thing worth mentioning here is, I spoke at the Mobile Dev+Test conference for the first time and loved every moment of it as I got a chance to geek out about Mobile with other Mobile testers and devs. The conference was focused only on Mobile. I made great friends there, who were smarter than me and learnt a lot from them. I would recommend anyone to go to the Mobile Dev+Test conference as their first conference or if you want to get started in this field.

  • Mobile Automation Test Lead at CSG Ascendon

Due to various factors, I joined a new company. This company specializes in digital streaming and locker management services. It is like creating a Netflix or a Hulu for multiple clients like Disney, Comcast, Timewarner, Sony, Paramount, Redbox and more clients. This is exciting for me as I am tasked with building a new Automation Framework from ground up using Cucumber+Java+Appium. Hopefully this keeps me occupied for a while.

  • Conferences 2015

2015 has been a busy year for me. Apart from significant changes in my personal life (the happy ones) I also had a big change moving to Chicago starting my new Gig. Till now I love what I have been doing and working with great minds within the company. Due to all these changes I was able to attend only few conferences this year. Finished speaking at STP Spring 2015, Better Software Conference West 2015 and CAST 2015. Just one more to go for this year i.e ASQ 2nd JTCC conference. With that I will be ending my conference gigs this year. Next year, I have so many ideas and so many things to do, will be posting all those things here.

  • Mobile Test Lead at Orbitz 2015

2015 has got off to a great start. I joined as a mobile test lead at Orbitz and moved to Chicago. It was a big change for me but the opportunity was amazing. I took the role of mobile test lead for the iOS group. Responsible for establishing test process, test planning, test strategy and building automation frameworks. Building a mobile team from ground up and leading a group of onsite and offshore resources to work as one testing unit. I am really excited to work with a whole new team, in the mobile domain and move to a new city.

  • Speaking engagements in 2014

2014 has been a great year for me. A lot of people showed interest in my topics and invited me to conferences. So, I thank everyone who did invite me. I started of the year speaking at QAortheHighway 2014 conference. This was organized for the first time in Columbus, OH and it was attended by 400 people. I was really glad that I got a lot of people to my presentation which made it really interactive. Then, I had STP Spring 2014, in New Orleans. This is my first trip to this place and had a great experience. As usual STP was splendid in the way they organized the conferences and selected awesome speakers. Next, was Kitchener, Waterloo, my first conference presentation in Canada.  It was great to see the conference board KWSQA organizing a good conference with great topics. I should mention that, the Selenium UI automation workshop was the highlight of the conference for me and in close second was the Oktoberfest festival which happened at the same place I spoke. I was really happy about it.

I am finishing 2014 speaking at 3 other big conferences. One for STP Fall 2014 in Denver, the next was the big fish – The SQE sponsored conference Better Software Conference East, Orlando for which I was interviewed by Lee Copeland and finally speaking at NOSQAA in Cleveland, Ohio. I should mention here, that getting interviewed by Lee Copeland was a really good experience and was much happier when he selected me to speak at one of the STAR conferences.

Life is good 🙂

  • Taking part in Software Testing WorldCup 2014

This was the 1st time ever, such a large scale testing competition was taking place across different continents. The winner from each continent will be taking part in the finals in Germany during Agile Testing Days 2014 conference. So, me and my team took part in this competition and it was so much fun. It was 3 hours of hard core risk based exploratory testing and reporting. Even if we don’t make it to germany the whole experience was well worth the time. Looking forward to more testing competitions like this in the future.

  • Member of the review committee for 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2014)

I was really thrilled when Kent State University reached out to me to include me as part of their review committee for AMCIS 2014 conference. As part of the committee I reviewed research papers and helped the committee in the screening process. I should say that it took me sometime to review them as the last time I wrote and reviewed research papers was during my Masters program :-).  On a whole, I had a great experience

  • Presented at QAortheHighway 2014 in Columbus, OH

For being a conference that has been organized for the 1st time, the organizers did a great job of making this a big event like other known testing conferences.  This was a 1 day conference and was very well organized. My session was the first session after the keynote at the very same place. So, I got a really large room and big turnout too. It was great to see people from different companies especially local testers from my region all in one big testing event. I made so many new acquaintances and grateful to the board for having me as a speaker for their 1st ever conference. In my mind, it was a huge success with about 300 people showing up.

  • Presented at STP Fall 2013 in Pheonix, AZ

This was my first big conference presentation. I was invited as a speaker to talk about “Mobile Web Testing”. During my presentation there were a mix of people testers, managers, developers and business analyst. I talked for about 1.5 hrs and had lot of interesting questions. After the presentation, I was wondering what feedback people had about it, suprisingly!!! I found out that, my presentation was voted the No:1 presentation in the entire conference. This made me really happy and have decided to share my knowledge in some more conferences based on the unanimous feedback I got from people that “My talk covered some hands on mobile testing approaches and techniques which people could use in their projects”. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and will continue doing this as I am very passionate about speaking and sharing my knowledge.

  • Writing article for Stickyminds.com

With the encouragement from different people, I wrote an article for Stickyminds.com on mobile testing. This was my first published article on one of the largest online testing magazine in the world. This has encouraged me to write more articles in the future and I am surrounded by smart testers who help to critic it. Thanks everyone!!!

Check out my article here -> My article

  • Speaking/Collaborating at TestRetreat 2013 – Madison, WI

My friend/colleague Matt Heusser, organized TestRetreat 2013, a peer-conferencing workshop on testing, aimed at moving the testing community forward by coming with ideas/topics to work on. This was 2 days before CAST 2013.

This was my first experience in a peer-conference setting and it was great. There were about 25 attendees and we discussed so many different topics. As a result, there were bunch of proposals, ideas and concepts floating around and people formed groups to work on them. I personally, got a chance to meet other testers inside/outside the country and got some people to work with me on my ideas/proposals.

Next steps for me is, to collaborate with other testers who were willing to work with me on my mobile workshop and mobile website idea. Hopefully, I make some good progress at least in one of them 🙂

Here is a cool picture of all the attendees from TestRetreat 2013 including me at the back

Test Retreat 2013







  • Co-Organizing the NOTICE meetup group

I got the opportunity to be a founding attendee and co-organizer of an awesome testers meetup group in Cleveland (NOTICE). We have started having meetups on a regular basis on various testing topics and have loved talking to/exchanging ideas with other testers in different companies in/around cleveland. I have loved every bit of it; till now and hope it continues like this 🙂

  • Being one of the Team Leads and contributor to the STEM program

Teaching elementary school kids, concepts of math and insurance was one of the most interesting things I ever did. The thing which surprised me was, how smart the 4th-5th grade students were when I was teaching them (I wish I was like them at that age!!!).

I am part of the STEM group in my company, in charge of spreading the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to school kids. It was lot of fun and in fact we were featured on the local news based on the great feedback we got from the local schools where me and my team taught. Check it out here -> Link

I love this job of helping all types of people, all ages in sharing my testing and STEM knowledge with them.

  • Facilitated Cem Kaner’s and Doug Hoffman’s presentation

March 21st, 2013 was a busy day indeed (for me) and a great day for testing. Yes, there I said it!!! I organized and facilitated presentations from 2 people who have contributed so much to the testing industry over the past 30 years.

Cem Kaner (www.kaner.com) talked about “Software Quality Metrics” and Doug Hoffman on “Exploratory Automated Tests” (http://www.softwarequalitymethods.com). For both the talks (one in the afternoon and the other in the evening), I had to coordinate with a number of people and facilitate the presentation by introducing the speaker, monitoring the presentation, handling  the Q & A session and giving the closing comments.

It was indeed a great experience as I was able to get lot of talk time with these presenters after their talk.

This was something which stands out as an odd but interesting occurrence in my experience. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited as a judge for the Ohio state level forensics competition held in Marietta college ohio (http://www.marietta.edu/). I truly enjoyed every moment of it and this whole experience was amazing.

Since, I have been doing a lot of speaking and mentoring lately a friend of mine suggested my name to the director of forensics, marietta, to fill in as a substitute for a judge who did not show up at the last minute. After talking to the director, I was invited as a judge in this state level tournament with hundreds of talented undergrads competing in various public speaking competitions.

The things that fascinated me was, how the things I learnt during my experience as a judge could be related to testing (I am surely going to write about in my blogs pretty soon, so I will spare the details for laters).

But, overall I ended up judging and attending about 20 rounds including the finals and I loved every moment of it.

This is the best hands on development conference I have attended till date. At first, I did not believe it, when people told me this is a fun-filled conference with cutting edge technologies. After I went to the 4 day conference I truly agree with it.
From my point of view, the theme of the conference this time was Mobile UI development. I attended so many sessions ranging from Management, Creative Problem Solving, IT Consultancy to hardcore technical sessions related to HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and .NET technologies. It was wonderful and I loved each and every moment of it.
For any person who is interested to know the latest in technology and development, I would surely recommend this conference. I am planning to go every year.

I have given lot of presentations, facilitated lot of panel discussions/meetings and have even given talks to large groups of people but being a speaker at a conference and speaking for close to 1hr 30 mins was the first time for me. I should say it was awesome :-).

I never knew I could engage so many people through my talk and could speak on most of the testing topics. This conference was attended by 40 – 50 people comprising of testers/test leads/managers/directors from various companies and speaking in front of all these people was one of my best experiences till date.

In fact, seeing people waiting to talk to me after the conference and getting lots of e-mails from the attendees on various testing related topics was very moving and inspiring to me. To top it all like “an icing on a cake”, there was this one attendee who talked to me after the conference and told me that, I am an “inspirational” speaker and was very “engaging”. These sort of words coming out from a person I have never met before is truly encouraging and motivating to me. This makes me want to share my knowledge more with my fellow testers and learn from them.

  • Recruiting at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Ever had that strange feeling, when you visit your school in a totally different phase of life after graduating? Yup, I had the same kind of feeling when I went to my own school for recruiting on behalf of Progressive, in the same place where I got recruited a couple of years ago. It was one of the best experiences in my life because I remember the things going in my mind when I was on the other side of the table as a student, standing in front of different company tables in huge lines, hoping to get a job opportunity in a big company (“dream company” some may call it!!!!).

I actually found the procedure my company followed for recruiting and it was awesome to be on the other side of the table screening resumes, interacting with students, explaining job positions in the company, what my role in the company was and much more. Apart from screening resumes and talking to students, I also had the opportunity to interview them the next day and got to know the student better in terms of the projects they worked on, analyzing their attitude for listening to others and learning and also trying to analyze how our needs would fit the candidate.

Now I see that, recruiting is not a joke and there are so many things a company looks for in a candidate to suit their needs. This experience helped me gain more confidence in myself and have been since helping out in recruiting. I love it 🙂

  • Facilitating James Bach’s presentation

I couldn’t have got a better opportunity to meet and talk to one of my inspirations in person. YES!!! I am talking about James Bach.As part of NOSQAA, James Bach was kind enough to give a presentation at Progressive in spite of his busy schedule. I organized and facilitated this conference and had an awesome time hearing him speak. In fact, due to some technical constraints I was assisting James during his presentation by moving through the slides while he was speaking.

  1. I had great time doing all the above in a presentation which was attended by close to 100 people.
  2. Attended James Bach’s Rapid Software Testing Class (RST)

The main impact in my testing life came when I attended James Bach’s “Rapid Software Testing” (RST) class – http://www.satisfice.com/. This was not just some random training class, but changed the way I think about testing. It helped me realize that, testing is like an interesting puzzle and once we struggle and find a solution, the pleasure is immense. Rather calling this as a training class, I would say- It was a MOTIVATION class which motivated me to never take “NO” for an answer

-ALWAYS ALWAYS ask questions and don’t let people randomly use jargons

-NEVER get INTIMIDATED as a tester.

I will forever remember this class and made a BIG impact on me.


NOSQAA is a non-profit organization based in cleveland. This was formed to promote testing among people in and around Cleveland, Ohio. As I was doing a lot of testing related activities in my company, I was recommended by a colleague of mine to join the NOSQAA board which consists of a group of like minded people whose main goal is to grow this very organization and promote testing. The members include Testing Managers, leads and other fellow testers who work for a common goal.I was thrilled to be given this opportunity and my main role was to bring in speakers and organize conferences in Cleveland. In 2012, my team and I organized 5 conferences in Cleveland. In fact, because I attended CAST 2011, I knew some speakers already and got them to cleveland to speak to testers over here.

I was able to get well known speakers like Karen Johnson (Independent consultant with focus on mobile) and also organized James Bach’s conference (just google his name 🙂 !!!!! the first 20 hits should have his name in some sort of testing related stuff) in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • CAST 2011

This was one of the best things that happened to me. After having this experience, I feel any person should attend atleast one testing conference to see how diverse the testing field/topics are.

CAST 2011 was held at the Lynwood Convention Center in Seattle. There were so many people from different companies and countries. It was great to network with them and share experiences in testing.

I registered for a 3 day conference (2 days of different sessions given by different people on different topics + 1 day of tutorials which was kind of like a workshop. I took 2 half day workshops instead of 1 full day workshop)

At the end of the conference the following things happened to me

  • I was overflowing with testing ideas
  • I developed an interest in mobile testing by the 1/2 day workshop given by Karen N Johnson
  • I made so many friends and in fact got a chance to participate in a testing podcast known as TWIST which is part of STP (Software Testing Professional – and they host STP conference too)Check it out here

My TWIST Podcast (To view this you need to sign in which would take 2 minutes)








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