I have been trying to actively share the knowledge I have with others, through my speaking engagements and interviews. You will find more information about them below



  • Doing a Full Day Mobile Testing Workshop at Targeting Quality 2018, Cambridge, ON, Sep 24-25
  • Doing a Full Day Mobile Testing Workshop at CAST 2018 , Cocoa Beach, FL, Aug 6-9
  • Doing a Full Day Mobile Testing Workshop and Presentation at QUEST 2018, San Antoni, TX, May 21-25
  • Giving the keynote at QAorTheHighway 2018, Columbus, OH, February 27


  • Did a Mobile Testing Workshop at STP Fall 2017, Herndon, VA, September 25-29
  • Did a Mobile and Effective Communication workshop at CAST 2017, Nashville, TN, August 16-18
  • Did a Mobile Testing Workshop at ADDQ Consulting 2017, Stockholm, Sweden, June 12-13
  • Did a Mobile Testing Workshop at Nordic Testing Days 2017, Tallin, Estonia, June 7-9
  • Panelist in the Webinar –  4 keys to DevOps Efficiency , hosted by Perfecto Mobile, June 2017
  • Presented at Mobile Dev+Test 2017, San Diego, CA, on doing quick tours on your mobile applications
  • Presented at QUEST 2017, Chicago, IL April 3-7 on strategies to break mobile applications


  • Did a mobile workshop at QBiz 2016, Stockholm, Sweden, Nov 16 on how to break mobile applications
  • Presented at STP Fall 2016, Denver, CO, Sep 19-22 on mobile testing strategies
  • Presented at Mobile Dev+Test 2016, San Diego, CA, April 17-22 on mobile testing techniques
  • Presented at STPSpring 2016, San Francisco CA, April 4-7 on mobile testing strategy
  • Presented at 2nd Annual ASQ Joint Technical Communities Conference, Orlando, FL on mobile testing


  • Presented at CAST 2015, Grand Rapids, MI on inter-cultural communication
  • Gave a Webinar on Mobile Testing Trends organized by Xbosoft
  • Presented at Better Software Conference West 2015, Las Vegas, CA on mobile testing
  • Selected to speak at Belgium Testing Days 2015, Brussels, Belgium on mobile testing
  • Presented at STPSpring 2015 San Diego, CA on tester communication


  • Presented at QAortheHighway 2014, Columbus, Ohio on tester communication
  • Presented at NOSQAA, Cleveland, Ohio on mobile web testing
  • Presented at Better Software Conference East 2014, Orlando, FL on mobile web testing
  • Presented at STP Fall 2014, Denver, CO on communication and leadership
  • Technical paper on mobile testing selected for PNSQC 2014, Portland, OR (Could not attend session)
  • Presented at KWSQA conference October 2014, Ontario on mobile testing
  • Presented at STP Online Mobile summit May 2014, Webinar
  • Presented at STP Spring 2014, New Orleans, LA on mobile web testing
  • Gave a 2nd session at STP Spring 2014, New Orleans, LA on Effective communication for testers
  • QAortheHighway 2014 conference in Columbus, Ohio on Mobile Web Testing – Slides here-> Link
  • Spoke and facilitated panel discussion on Performance and Functional automation testing, NOSQAA 2014, Cleveland, Ohio


  • STP Fall 2013 conference in Phoenix, AZ. (Voted BEST presentation in the conference)

Topic: “Mobile Web Testing -Explored”. 

  • TestRetreat 2013 in Madison, WI (A Peer conference workshop)

Topic: “How to help testers in mobile testing”

  • NOSQAA 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio

Topic: “Testing Good Practices” (Panel Discussion)
Link: Presentation Details

Upcoming Mobile Testing Workshop Video

Mobile Testing Workshop


  • MY STP Fall 2015 session – Link


  • Was interviewed by TechTarget to get my thoughts on mobile web, native and hybrid apps from the testing perspective – Interview
  • Did a video for my company on IT jobs – My Video


  • Selected to be part of the review committee for 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2014)