There is only so much time in this world and people want the right kind of information which would be useful to them instead of hearing people just talk about what they think would be useful to people.
Many undergraduate, graduate, non-technical, technical, interns etc are looking for guidance to see how to get into IT and specifically how to get into the mobile domain which is the hot market right now (Everything is mobile!!!). I was one such person and after years of doing mobile testing and development; I thought sharing this knowledge with other people like me would be a good idea.

So, I am starting these Skype Knowledge share sessions in the MOBILE domain, where people can contact me and set up time to talk about specific topics/tools/techniques they want more knowledge on and I will cater the conversations specific to their requirements. Some of the things you could ask me to talk about could be

  • I want to get started with mobile testing what do I need to do?
  • I have been doing mobile testing but want to know about some tips and tricks to find different kinds of bugs?
  • Mobile Testing scares me and want you to help me out with that?
  • What are the different types of mobile apps which are currently present in the market?
  • What is the mobile eco system?
  • How to get started in mobile web testing?
  • What tools are out there to do mobile native app testing?
  • What tools are out there to do mobile web app testing?
  • What books would you recommend to get started with mobile testing?
  • I am having this specific problem while doing mobile testing, what are your ideas to approach the problem?
  • I am an expert mobile tester and just want to chat with you to pick your brain on something?
  • I would like to write a testing article with you?
  • I would like to do a conference presentation or workshop with you?
  • I would like to speak at a conference and need some coaching and guidance?
  • I would like some guidance on good mobile testing conferences I could attend and if so which session I should attend and why?

And so on…
Skype Session Details
GOAL: To share information and things I have learnt in mobile testing specific to the needs of the attendee
FORMAT: Skype video sessions (Min – 1hr) where I will share slides, tools, screenshots and also talk about things specific to the needs of the attendee
COST:  After our first skype session to know what topic you want to discuss in detail, I will be spending a lot of time customizing the following sessions based on the attendee’s needs, I will be doing a lot of prep work for it before the sessions. So, just to account for the time and energy I spend on this, I will be charging a nominal fee starting from $30/hr for the 2nd and the following skype sessions (Negotiable based on the amount of work I need to do AND if you are satisfied or FREE based on the attendee)

If you just want to talk to me casually about something that is welcomed too free of charge 🙂
NOTE: I am passionate about mobile testing, so in case you want to do some alpha testing or want to get quick feedback about your mobile application, you can hit me up and I will be more than glad to do some exploratory testing and give feedback on it.